Saturday, July 9, 2016

WEEK 3: Midterm Project

Link for my midterm project:


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  2. Wonderful idea and your drawings were amazing! I can never seem to remember my dreams so this concept would be really useful to me. I wonder how it would respond to a situation where the user is undergoing sleep paralysis... scary stuff! How would the dream reconstructing pillow deal with someone who can lucid dream? The possibilities for this device are truly limitless.

  3. I love your artwork that you incorporated into your midterm. The images successfully illustrates your idea, making it easier to understand. I like the idea of the project, because I can never remember my dreams. At most, I would get an image or two from my dreams. In your project, the users would be able to access parts of the brain that are shut down during dreaming. Is it possible that humans are not suppose to access this portion due to the potential danger of obtaining it? In the movie Lucy, the main character gains access to parts of the brain unprecedented by any human being. The result, she becomes extremely dangerous and powerful. Just wondering what your opinion is on that.